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I came across this excellent blog on a subject I had been intending to write a post - so thanks to James Schwarts here it is:


That Blog refers to Stricter Liability when motor vehicles, cycles & pedestrains are sharing space. Stricter Liability is the principle that if there is a collision the bigger vehicle pays for the damage, unless there is clear evidence to the contrary. In most EU countries (except UK, Ireland Malta & Cyprus) this is the default position. This is for civil not criminal purposes (distinguishes liability – your insurance is due to pay for damage, from culpability – you are to blame.) It also means that a cyclist who collided with a pedestrian would be liable to pay for damage. 


Drivers are much more careful around cyclists and cyclists more careful around pedestrians. 


There is a campaign now making the case to the Westminster Government. Part of that campaign is to get MP's to sign up for an early day motion supporting Stricter Liability


If you want to help  - contact your MP and ask them to support the EDM 1393. You can find your MP by entering your postcose at:


It then sets up an e mail to go direct to the correct MP


The text of the e mail can be as simple as

"would you please sign the EDM 1393  regarding Stircter Liability in collisions involving motor vehicles and cyclists or pedestrains"


There is more information and some other example letters to send to MPs at:


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